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On-site investigation

Ways of signal transmissions like networks、telephones and so on mostly provide people with photos or virtual models but not real feelings. To resolve this difficulty, Taishan Ruifeng warmly welcome all customers to visit our enterprise.   

We will provide you with the luxury cars throughout, and resolve your travel issue after you arrive; The elegant and cozy meeting room will make our discussions more comfortable. Our business personnel will lead you to look over the first-class production line built by us. The exhibition room for advanced manufacturing facilities will make you have the intuitive impressions for our enterprise.    

Meanwhile, we can also accompany you to visit our some customers for checking their production sites to make you clearly recognize the procedures of whole production line with the combination of videos and professional technological explanations. It is necessary to have effective tools to do good work. Taishan Ruifeng would like to do the investigation work well with you before investment to make you win at starting line. 

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